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The company Chaps & More was founded in September 2000 by its owner Mrs. Angelika Thaler-Jung. Occasion the company was founded was the previously gone invention of the chaps as a new labor protection especially for kneeling work.

In 2001, the patent was granted and registered.

February 2002, the building authorities officially spoke of their recommendation for Chaps. This was published in the bulletin of the trade association.

In May 2002, the WDR made a film about the invention and history of the chaps.

In March 2004, the WDR presented the Chaps 3 times in a garden program to a wider audience.

In September 2004, Chaps & More became 3rd place in the nationwide competition “Fit for Boss”. The competition was held under the patronage of the Federal Minister of Economics, at that time Wolfgang Clement and awarded every year companies that convince with their business plan or its products. Chaps & More profiled through against several 1000 applications.

In 2004, two more utility models are registered at the Patent Office.

In total there are about 650 professional articles in various journals from the  floor work business (screed, tiles, parquet) and various garden journals (cemetery, vegetable, fruit growing, nursery, garden landscaping and in municipal journals) published. Moreover Chaps & More received technical articles in all journals on labor protection in 5 different countries.
2005 Chaps & More becomes one of the first knee protection manufacturer – the coveted knee protection certification DIN EN 14404th

2007 product range is extended by arm protection, Aprons and 2 different screed work trousers.

2008 Chaps & More gets the 2nd patent.

2009 product range is extended with knee pads, Chaps & More gets by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology awarded “GOOD PRACTICE – example” for the successful marketing of a patent and implementation of a business idea. At the Hanover Fair 2009 Chaps & More was presented as a best practice example.

Chaps & More now exports to the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, as well as to the USA, Korea, Japan, and Canada.. Brochures are available in French, English, Italian, Dutch, Russian and German. At “Download Flyer” (top right in the side navigation) you can download brochures for the individual sectors.

2010 Chaps & More will be included in the SIGNO program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, a project of the Federal Government to secure and exploit innovative ideas of small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany.

In 2011 and 2012, two further utility models were registered for wetness  and arm protection.

In 2011 Chaps & More will exhibit for the first time in Verona / Italy at a trade fair and in 2012 for the first time in London / Great Britain.

Since 2012, Chaps & More has been increasingly pushing the development of knee pads. With a completely new approach for the craftsmen, who have to work on their knees for hours, the focus is on the knee pads due to years of experience with kneeling work: The orthopaedic and comfortable embedding of the knee in the knee pads is focused by different foams, which are coordinated with each other, as well as the non-slip fastening on the leg. After years of research, with the participation of doctors, orthopaedists and physiotherapists, the new innovation, which was registered in May 2017 and published in 2018, succeeds: “Knee pads that no longer slip from the leg”! Thus Chaps & More catapults itself finally to the market leader for knee pads.

In May 2014 Chaps & More moves into new premises and focuses on new developments. The location for sales, purchasing, development and storage remains in Enger.

In July 2015 the IHK Ostwestfalen zu Bielefeld presents the company in an entrepreneur profile.

In 2018 Chaps & More is so well known that an export share of 25% will be achieved.

Chaps & More produces and sells knee wetness protection for gardening professions including fruit and vegetable growing, pavers, municipalities, screed layers, floor layers, tilers and stonemasons, for the entire industry and trade, as well as the cleaning industry and the food industry, also for cold kitchens of restaurants and hotels.

For many years, the company has presented itself at all trade fairs in the target industries, where we exhibit our products and thus consistently promote our products and expand our market share. (the “Neue Westfälische” reported in 2018)

Memberships in associations

◦VDU – federation of German businesswomen since 2004
◦seit 2/2016 Chairman of the Regional Association of VDU Westphalia
◦Industrial and commercial club, Bielefeld since 2008
◦Association of the self-employed, Spenge since 2006
◦Association of Taxpayers e.V. since 2008
◦Initiative Business District Herford since 1997
◦Businesswomen Herford County since 1997

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