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NEW ! “SECURE & MORE” 70.200 Safety Gel Knee pad

This comfortable gel safety knee pad, which has always helped those processors who already have a knee problem, has now been given a modified, higher attachment so that the upper support can no longer slip into the back of the knee. It has a wonderful fit, which is also enormously supported by the patented non-slip material that has been processed in the upper part of the knee pad. Thus the knee pad does not slip from the knee when walking.

The kneepad is especially suitable for those who have to work on their knees for long periods of time. The flattened support gives the knee a lot of hold and high stability. Foams with memory effect and a thick air cell gel cushion provide an optimal pressure compensation.

For work on sensitive floors or on the edges of graves, the cap can still be easily removed by using the Velcro fasteners.

Gel knee protector 70.600 “Select & More”

This extremely robust, high quality gel knee protector is fixed by elastic neoprene straps with velcro fasteners – clearly outside the knee. “Memory foams” and an ultra soft ring gel pad guarantee an ideal cushioning. Because of the unique patented inside coating, the knee protector does not slip off the knee.

Gel knee protector 70.110-B “Proven & More”

The inexpensive model 70.110-B, was introduced at the IPM 2017 with an entry price of 15,90€ plus VAT. It is very light and fastened with only one elastic Neoprene strap below the knee. Gel pad inside and a soft inner lining guarantee comfortable kneeling.  “Good value for less money”.