Apron with crossed straps (art. no. 40.200/01, 40.210/11)

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In 2 different sizes

Recommendation: Ideal for natural stone processing, stonemasons, pavers, vegetable growing.

32,90 86,90 

Excl. 19% Tax + Freight charges
Delivery Time: 2-3 day

The aprons are made of waterproof and very robust material. The aprons are very light and all straps and straps are quickly adjustable. All aprons have an open hem so that they can be shortened individually. The material can withstand abrasive particles and sharp edges well.

The cervical vertebra is considerably relieved by the crossed carrier guide on the back. Ideal for processing natural stone. The aprons can also be put on and taken off very easily with the straps closed! All cross-over aprons fall around the body due to their carrier construction. If additional support at the waist is required for bent-forward work, we recommend our apron chain Art. 40.299 with snap hooks made of galvanized steel, with 2 rings and a chain (not included in the scope of services).

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Extra information

Article Number 40.200/40.210, 40.201/40.211
Delivery Time 2-3 days, from 30 pieces on request.
User / area of ​​application Tiler, vegetable and fruit growing, natural stone laying, stone cutters
Color Grey/ Green

long: 1,35m x 1,00m; short: 1,17m x 0,80m

Weight 1 kg

L-XL (Gr. 50 – 56), XXL (Gr. 58 – 64)